Risk Factors And Causes Of Compartment Syndrome

Compartment syndrome happens when part of the arms or legs comes under increasing pressure due to an injury. The bone, muscles and connective tissue in the arms and legs are found in enclosed spaces in the body. The pressure from an injury may cause such swelling that it compresses nerves and blood vessels to the point where they can no longer work the way they should. When that happens, it can lead to permanent nerve damage and the death of muscle and even bone. Though it is rare, some individuals with untreated compartment syndrome have lost limbs. Reveal the full details on the causes and risk factors of compartment syndrome now.

Crush Injuries

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Crush injuries are deceptive because sometimes their only indication is a bruise on the skin. They happen when force is transmitted from the exterior of the body into its interior. They can result in the crushing of the muscles, bones, and other structures within the area. The muscles can also rupture and start to bleed internally, and the build-up of blood can eventually lead to tissue damage. Muscles may also protrude through the damaged membrane that encloses the area. This is called a rupture or a hernia and may cause the patient significant pain. The danger with injuries that don’t cause that much pain is that they can lead to complications such as compartment syndrome if they are ignored.

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