How To Boost Your Metabolism

Try High-Intensity Interval Training


High-intensity interval training increases the metabolism so more calories are burned. It works by alternating less intense exercise, such as walking, with extremely intense exercise, such as running as fast as possible for a certain amount of time. In the intense phase, the individual’s metabolism rises very fast. It stays high through this phase and drops slowly during the less intense phase. The raised metabolic rate can continue after the workout ends and can persist for up to twenty-four hours. Another benefit of high-intensity interval training is that it is a good way of strengthening cardiovascular fitness in a shorter time than moderately paced exercise. Of course, it is important to note high-intensity interval training, when practiced to its fullest potential, requires a fair amount of flexibility, core strength, and mobility. Preparation includes conditioning, such as doing aerobics such as walking and biking, then adding flexibility and other exercises. Starting out, individuals should try only a couple of high-intensity interval training sessions per week and should always space out each session at least twenty-four hours apart.

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