What Are The Health Benefits Of Electrolytes And Electrolyte Water?

In today’s modern world, nutrients are a lot easier to come by than previous generations. There are now plenty of fortified foods and beverages that provide individuals with what’s needed to maintain a balanced diet and proper nutrition. For instance, many drinks on the market are fortified with electrolytes for those with active lifestyles. This is important because electrolytes play a critical role in the body. Key electrolytes utilized in the body include calcium, potassium, sodium, bicarbonate, and magnesium. Electrolytes are often lost through sweat or other biochemical reactions and should be replenished regularly. They’re as just as important as vitamins and other nutrients.

Regulating Blood Pressure


One major role of electrolytes and electrolyte water is to regulate blood pressure. It’s a process that involves adjusting fluid levels in the blood. Blood plasma, the fluid portion of blood, is made of approximately ninety-two percent water. An important electrolyte, sodium, binds to water molecules to help regulate blood pressure. It does this indirectly through interactions with sensors in the heart, blood vessels, and kidneys. When either blood pressure or sodium levels become low, these sensors trigger reactions for regulating blood pressure. One mechanism is to cause the kidneys to retain sodium and produce less urine, thereby increasing blood volume. Another method causes the pituitary gland to release vasopressin. This signals the kidneys to conserve water.

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HealthPrep Staff