Health Benefits Of Wearing Orthotics

Helps Manage Minor Foot Deformities


Orthotics help manage minor foot deformities and can help individuals walk and run properly. Foot deformities are either congenital or can be acquired at some point in life, the former of which means the deformity is present at birth. If the deformity is of the structural variety, orthotics may be able to provide slight corrections that make the effects of the deformity all but disappear. The most notable congenital foot deformity is a club foot, which is oftentimes congenital and results in the foot being twisted in an incorrect shape or position. While severe cases of club foot may need to be corrected with surgery, orthotics can prove helpful with minor cases. Some of the additional foot deformities that could be managed with orthotics include splay foot, metatarsus adductus, or pes cavus, the latter of which is more commonly referred to as a high arch. If patients suffer from splay foot, orthotics can provide support to the ball of the foot, which should provide some relief and help them walk and stand more naturally. Orthotic devices are also commonly used with high arch issues.

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