Guide To Plants That Are Actually Poisonous

Nowadays, it's very popular to add organic plants to one's diet. There's also a lot of individuals who believe all organic plants are healthier than non-organic foods. However, when gardening at home, cooking, and keeping houseplants, there are some important things to keep in mind. One thing is that plants can be poisonous whether they're organic or not. Some plants can even be deadly to both humans and animals. If an individual is bringing any plant into their home, it's important to be aware of whether it poses potential dangers. And if individuals are adding a new herb or ingredient to their diet, they should always double-check the nutritional science behind it. Just because a plant is organic doesn't mean it's incapable of causing harm.

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Castor Oil Plant


The castor oil plant was originally found in Africa. The seeds of the plant are used to distill castor oil, but they are also highly poisonous because they contain ricin. This poison is powerful enough to damage animal tissue. If individuals eat just four to eight of these seeds as an adult, the poison will be fatal. Animals and younger children can be killed by even smaller doses. The symptoms of poisoning tend to appear two to four hours following ingestion, but some individuals don't experience any symptoms until up to thirty-six hours following ingestion of the seeds. Ricin poisoning causes an individual's mouth to feel like it's burning. They will also typically experience flu-like symptoms like vomiting, nausea, lethargy, and diarrhea. It only takes a few days for an individual's body to become dehydrated, for their blood pressure to lower, and for them to have reduced urine output. Ricin poisoning tends to kill individuals around three to five days following consumption. Castor oil is traditionally used in medicine for its laxative properties, and some modern cosmetics also use it as an ingredient.

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Katherine MacAulay