Guide To The Major Types Of Personality Disorders

Antisocial Personality Disorder


Antisocial personality disorder is a very difficult personality disorder to treat. It occurs when an individual develops long-term patterns of violating the rights of others, manipulating individuals, or exploiting others without feeling remorse. Patients with antisocial personality disorder often have problems in their work and familial relationships. The cause is unknown, but genetics and early childhood experiences may play a role. Individuals with an alcoholic or antisocial parent seem to have a higher risk of developing the disorder. Men are more likely to develop antisocial personality disorder than women. Animal cruelty and arson in childhood are often signs of a developing antisocial personality. Some researchers believe antisocial personality disorder and psychopathy are the same thing. Individuals with antisocial personality disorder may be charming, witty, and good at flattery. They may also show little regard for the law, their own safety, the safety of others, or the autonomy of others. They may lie and get into fights often, and they don’t feel or show remorse or guilt for their actions.

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