How To Prevent Patellofemoral Pain Syndrome

Patellofemoral pain syndrome is a term that refers to pain around the kneecap and in the front of the knee. It commonly occurs in individuals who participate in sports, though it can also occur in non-athletes. The groups who most commonly develop this pain are young adults and females. Stiffness and pain make climbing stairs, kneeling, and performing other activities difficult. A number of factors can contribute to the development of this pain. Symptoms can usually be relieved through therapeutic exercises and changes in activity levels. Individuals can take certain precautions to prevent themselves from developing patellofemoral pain syndrome. While it's not guaranteed these things will always prevent patellofemoral pain syndrome, they will significantly reduce an individual's risk level.

Lose Excess Weight


The knee is the largest joint in the body. Patellofemoral pain syndrome happens when an individual's nervous system senses there's pain in the bone and soft tissues surrounding the kneecap, including the pad of fat underneath the patella, tendons, and tissue lining the joint. With some cases of patellofemoral pain syndrome, weight loss can be helpful. Excess weight can cause strain on the joint and surrounding tissues, which might make the pain worse. With that said, many studies indicate weight isn't always a significant cause of the condition. But patients with patellofemoral pain syndrome will often need to lose weight before they can undergo surgery for knee pain.

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Katherine MacAulay