How To Prevent Patellofemoral Pain Syndrome

Stretch And Warm Up Before Exercise


It helps to stretch and warm up before exercise, particularly for athletes, as doing so can reduce tightness and tension in the joint. In addition, stretching can help prevent a number of other potential injuries and complications from exercise. It’s common for patellofemoral pain syndrome to be related to a loss of cartilage in the knee. The symptoms might get worse when doing activities that use the knee like running, squatting, cycling, sitting with your knees bent, climbing, or jumping. Individuals can do certain exercises that strengthen the knees surrounding the hips and knees. This helps with muscle balance and alignment. Individuals can do a straight leg lift by lying on their back, keeping their knee straight, and lifting their leg to a forty-five-degree angle. Another exercise is a wall slide, where the individual stands against the wall and slide down until their knees are at a forty-five-degree angle. Individuals can also do an external hip rotation exercise by lying on their side and opening and closing their knees.

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