Treatments For Tailbone Pain

Tailbone pain is a prevalent type of pain that occurs along the bottom of the spine and along the buttocks. This pain can develop for any number of reasons, including trauma to the area, changes in joints, or childbirth. The sensation that occurs with tailbone pain is highly uncomfortable. Because of the location of this pain, patients may have difficulties with sitting or even standing for lengthy periods. Bowel movements can also bring about pain in the tailbone. The tailbone is actually comprised of anywhere from three to five different bones, which is part of the reason why the condition is so painful. If an individual believes they're suffering from tailbone pain or have already been diagnosed with the condition, there are a range of treatments to select from.

Apply A Warm Or Cool Compress


Among the first remedies patients should consider using to treat tailbone pain is to apply a warm or cool compress to the injured area. It's been proven that the application of hot and cold compresses can help reduce pain and inflammation throughout the body. These compresses are also very easy to make. When applying a warm compress to the injured area, patients can use either dry or moist heat. Dry heat comes in the form of dry heating packs and heating pads, while moist heat includes such options as hot baths and steamed towels. When applying heat to the body, blood flow and circulation will be improved, which helps bolster muscle flexibility and relieve pain. As for cold therapy, some of the options patients can use include ice bags, ice packs, or coolant sprays. When using a cold compress, an individual's blood flow will be reduced for a short period, which is designed to lessen any swelling and inflammation in the affected area. Patients should be sure to apply a warm or cool compress a couple of times each day until the pain dissipates.

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HealthPrep Staff