Easy Ways To Eliminate Dairy Without Losing Taste

Going dairy free does not mean you have to give up the great flavor of your favorite foods. Think of it as giving them a healthy makeover instead! Lots of great dishes can be prepared without dairy by substituting a tasty alternative or by adding more spices and flavors from other ingredients. You will feel better, enjoy less bloating and improved skin appearance, and you may even lose some weight. Here are ten easy ways to eliminate dairy without sacrificing taste.

Embrace Non-Dairy Milk


Use non-dairy milk such as almond or coconut milk in place of regular cow’s milk. Add coconut milk to your coffee instead of whole milk. Enjoy a bowl of cereal with almond, rice, or help milk instead of skim. In place of cream, use coconut milk in your favorite soups. Coconut milk can be added to baking recipes or stir-fry’s in place of butter and coconut or almond yogurt is available in place of Greek yogurt.