Delicious Foods That Give You Good Breath

What's more embarrassing than bad breath? Not too much, if you ask individuals who have been caught in a situation where someone else noticed their bad breath. What makes it worse, is it is often hard for some individuals to determine precisely when they have bad breath, unless they take pains to smell their breath regularly, which many do not do. Many say brushing and flossing daily is the best way to keep bad breath at bay, though it's important to note bad breath can also be the result of poor digestive health. There are plenty of options in the health care aisle that can help keep an individual's breath fresh, but there are also plenty of great food options. Learn about these now.

Sugarless Gum


We all chew gum at one time or another for a variety of reasons, not the least of which is to contribute to keeping our breath fresh, at least temporarily by masking the odor. Spearmint or peppermint gum, perhaps the most popular varieties out there, are best for this, though cinnamon sugarless gum is also helpful. Peppermint is perhaps the most well-known way to get rid of bad breath, hence why it is often used to flavor toothpaste, and has thus made its way into gum. Chewing gum also helps increase the production and flow of saliva, which is essential to wash away the germs that often result in bad breath.

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While it may seem too simple, drinking water and maintaining an adequate level of hydration is actually quite effective when it comes to alleviating bad breath and developing fresh-smelling breath simultaneously. This is because a dry mouth is one of the causes of breath, since, in this state, the individual will not be producing enough saliva. Drinking plenty of water keeps the mouth moist, which helps prevent the buildup of bad breath bacteria. Also when individuals drink plenty of water, the water washes away some of the buildup that occurs in their mouth during the day.

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Green Tea


Green tea is a great alternative to coffee for a number of reasons. It does have some caffeine, but not as much as coffee, which helps mitigate potential jitters. It is also full of antioxidants, which play a massive role when it comes to freshening bad breath and preventing bacteria from sticking to teeth. Reports indicate green tea is quite powerful when it comes to fighting the bacteria behind gum disease and tooth decay, which can cause or even worsen bad breath. In fact, the antioxidants in green tea, which are known as polyphenols, are what destroy contributors to tooth decay and bad breath. They are so powerful they may even be able to help prevent the development of mouth cancer.

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Milk Alternatives


Sometimes, individuals with undiagnosed lactose intolerance who are still consuming dairy products can suffer from bad breath, along with gastrointestinal distress. This is because they are unable to efficiently break down dairy products like cheese or milk due to lactose, and one of the effects of this intolerance is bad breath. The only remedy to effectively eliminate bad breath when this is the underlying cause is to reduce or eliminate the consumption of milk and other dairy products and turn to alternatives instead. Some appropriate milk alternatives include almond, rice, coconut, and soy milk. Individuals can typically choose the one they prefer the most.

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Probiotic Yogurt


The tongue is a breeding ground for bacteria. The good news is many of those bacteria are healthy. These good bacteria are sometimes called probiotics. While some bacteria are good, however, some cause bad breath. Thankfully, probiotic yogurt isn't only useful for maintaining healthy gut flora. It can keep the microbiome in an individual's mouth healthy as well. In a study investigating yogurt's effects on bad breath, researchers instructed participants not to eat yogurt for two weeks. Once the two weeks passed, they measured bacteria levels and odor-causing compounds in their mouths. Participants then ate three ounces of yogurt twice a day for two weeks. At the end of the study, the odorous compounds decreased in eighty percent of participants. Those who want to help their gut and breath at the same time may wish to include probiotic yogurt in their dietary regimen.

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Basil And Parsley


Basil and parsley are herbs that contain a high amount of chlorophyll, the pigment found in plants that gives them their green color. These herbs have been used for centuries to fight off bad breath. This is because chlorophyll is an incredible deodorizer and has great antibacterial properties. In fact, fifty to one hundred milligrams of chlorophyll can eliminate bad odors from urine, stools, perspiration, and menstruation. How does it work on breath? It doesn't work quite as well. Basil and parsley can cover up bad breath for a short time, but it appears to only work for a short while. However, this is just enough time to grab some parsley off one's plate at the restaurant to freshen their breath for their dinner date.

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It's difficult to read about foods with health benefits without hearing about ginger. This root has long been used for medicinal purposes, and it aids in digestion, staves of nausea, speeds up healing from a cold or flu, reduces pain and inflammation, and improves cardiovascular health. If you think that's incredible, ginger keeps on giving. When it's eaten, ginger increases the levels of the enzyme sulfhydryl oxidase in an individual's saliva. This enzyme breaks down the sulfur-containing compounds in the mouth that gives off a bad odor. It can rid individuals of the aftertaste of many foods and drinks (like coffee) and freshen their breath. In fact, ginger is so effective that it's being considered for use in oral hygiene products.

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Citrus Fruit


The next time someone needs a little help with bad breath, they might want to try grabbing a piece of citrus fruit. Fruits like oranges, lemons, grapefruits, and limes are high in vitamin C, which most individuals know is quite beneficial in boosting the immune system. Individuals often take it to reduce symptoms of the common cold. Vitamin C may be less known for its power to fight bad breath, but it does this effectively by helping prevent gum disease, one of the symptoms of this is actually bad breath, by killing harmful bacteria. However, individuals should not eat citrus fruit in excess, as their acidity can result in other issues.

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As mentioned previously, sugarless peppermint or spearmint gum can be helpful to those who wish to freshen their breath. But what could be even more powerful is mint itself in other forms. Chewing on mint leaves or drink peppermint tea instead not only masks bad breath but also kills bacteria, which helps ensure bad breath is gone for quite a bit longer than if it had just masked the odor. Additionally, when mint comes in its oil form, it is also said to have powerful antimicrobial properties and in addition to reducing bad breath-causing bacteria, is also able to reduce indigestion and irritable bowel syndrome, both of which can be contributing factors to an individual's bad breath.