Common Mistakes Made Regarding Hydration

The human body is made up of between sixty and seventy percent water. Water is vital for the function of the body's vital organs, digestive systems, and an individual's ability to cool themselves down. When an individual is hydrated, their skin tends to be better, there's less chance of brittle nails and hair, and their overall health is improved. Their kidneys function better because they're cleaner. The joints and muscles are better lubricated, which is important for day-to-day function. Staying properly hydrated can also help prevent individuals from overeating. An individual's ability to perform physically and mentally is affected by their hydration. If someone is dehydrated, they will often experience a decline in mental function and focus even if the dehydration isn't severe.

However, many individuals make several mistakes when it comes to staying hydrated. Get to know what these mistakes are now.

Only Drinking When Thirsty


One of the most common mistakes individuals make is only drinking when they're thirsty, but this can lead to overhydration and an imbalance in electrolytes. Furthermore, if an individual feels thirsty, it means their body is already dehydrated. With that said, it's not good to drink too much throughout the day. A better approach is to keep a bottle or glass of water nearby and take a small sip every few minutes. This keeps the body hydrated without flooding it with too much water. It's more important to take a sip of water at regular intervals than to meet a set number of cups per day. Eight glasses a day isn't actually necessary for everyone, and different individuals have different hydration needs. When individuals have had enough to drink, their body's urge to swallow water subsides. Their body won't get low on water if individuals drink small amounts throughout the day instead of waiting until they're thirsty and then chugging. Instead of using the eight glasses rule, a more standard rule of thumb is one ounce of water is necessary for every pound of body weight.

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Katherine MacAulay